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Safety first!

Choose CTL® tested Tattoo Colourants

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld would like to make the Tattoo Market more transparent, give customers the possibility to select and decide for themselves which products they want to be used.

We have a special Internet Site which lists all Tattoo Colourants and Permanent Make-Up products which have passed the tests mentioned in the Resolution ResAP(2008)1. These are freely available to all who are interested.
CTL® is trying to make the market more transparent for all and to help minimize any risks. This is our contribution to the health of all customers. Don't just take the tattoo artists word for it, look it up yourself.

Get informed, don't take any risks - there is no need to! It is your health which is at stake!

We assist, advise and test. Try us out!

Resolution ResAP(2008)1 contains the following investigations:

  • Aromatic Amines
  • Colourants causing allergic conditions and those known to be carcinogenic
  • Metal
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and Benzene-a-Pyrene (BaP)
  • Microbiological test of sterility

Colourants which pass all the analytical tests of the resolution minimize health risks and the dangers of tattooing!


Tätowiermittelverordnung - First German Law for Tattoo Colourants and Permanent Make-Up.

This contains the following tests:

  • Aromatic Amines
  • A list of forbidden Colourants
  • Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and the Hydrochloride or Sulphate
    hereof (CI 76060)

The German Law is a mixture of parts of the Resolution ResAP(2008)1 and the German Cosmetics Law (Kosmetikverordnung, BGB Teil I, Nr. 67 vom 13. Oktober 1997(2410)).

Important parts of the Resolution ResAP(2008)1 are not contained in German Legislation. There are no restrictions on heavy metals or PAHs.

The law does contain a list of forbidden substances - (approx. 500) and a list of forbidden Colours/Pigments listed by Colour Index Numbers (CI). Furthermore Solvent Yellow 14 is also forbidden - this is not used in Tattoo Colourants and Permanent

The German "Tätowiermittelverordnung" is valid since 1st May 2009.

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We assist, advise and test. Try us out!

Find Tattoo- and Permanent Make-Up Products tested and registered by CTL® in Germany. They comply with the Tätowiermittelverordnung.


Find Tattoo- and Permanent Make-Up Products which have passed the stringent tests of Resolution ResAP(2008)1.


Tätowiermittel-Verordnung – German Tattoo/Cosmetic Law (BGBl. I Nr. 53 vom 27.11.2008)

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