Don't just rely on the information from the supplier or the words of the tatto artist. Don't be fooled by incorrect lables or faked certificates. Find the truth here. Its your body and health which are at risk - not that of the tattoo artist or supplier. Find the premium products on the market here in our database. All consumers have the right to know wether the products being used are of the highest standard on the market and have passed the most stringent tests.

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld

CTL® GmbH Bielefeld has been conducting tests on Tattoo Colours and Permanent Make-Up since the last decade and our issued certificates are renowned all over the world. CTL® has customers all across Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. CTL® is a world-wide leader in this field.

The CTL®-Database includes all Tattoo and Permanent Make-Up (PMU) colorants which have fully passed the stringent tests described in Resolution ResAP(2008)1. It gives Tattoo Studios and Consumers the possibility to find products which are of the highest possible standard.

The Resolution ResAP(2008)1 is at present the most stringent test on the market for Tattoo- and Permanent Make-Up (PMU) products! And it makes sense! The resolution is the result of many discussions and investigations. Colorants tested according to this resolution provide a high level of safety and a minimum health risk for consumers. The resolution contains - in brief - the following tests:

All colorants listed in the CTL® Database have passed all of the tests in the mentioned Resolution. Do not risk your health, find the best products here.

Test Results and Certificates are valid for 2 Years. If the certificates and results in the database are no longer valid the suppliers should retest their products.

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